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Mind the Gap

Mind the Gap is England’s largest learning disability theatre company that creates work for UK and international audiences.

It was formed in 1988 by current Artistic Director Tim Wheeler and Susan Brown and is based in Bradford, West Yorkshire.

The company exists to make great theatre that makes audiences think differently.

Mind the Gap brings together learning disabled and non-disabled artists so that they can share and exchange ideas, skills and experience. The talents of learning disabled artists are nurtured through formal training and live work experience. Through a partnership approach we create work for different audiences that is exciting, refreshing, sometimes a bit cheeky, and always original.

“We, at Mind the Gap, are so excited that Jez has this fantastic opportunity to realise his musical vision to create extraordinary, radical, new music which portrays his unique view of the world,” says Tim Wheeler. “Opportunities like the Ignite Commission are fundamental in shaping the international platform for artists with intellectual disability.”

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That’s Life

That’s life is an arts, leisure and personal development programme of Brothers of Charity Services, Galway.

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