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Simon McKeown

Simon McKeown Ignite Cork

Trained in Fine Art and a Lecturer in Computer Animation and Post Production at Teesside University, Simon Mckeown has an affinity for motion capture and its ability to perfectly catalogue the movements, idiosyncrasies and beauty of a person, regardless of body shape and size.

“People are often embarrassed to look at people with disabilities. (My work gives) an opportunity to look, see and be fascinated by beautiful motions and bodies and break that taboo,” he says.

He was awarded his own London 2012 Summer Olympics commission and took part in two other Cultural Olympiad/London 2012 Festival projects, widely recognised as a watershed moment for contemporary disability art. His original piece of work, Motion Disabled, went global in a single day when it was projected on to buildings in 17 countries all over the world in a project coordinated by VSA. See here:

Simon was named DaDaFest International Artist of the Year 2010. He has exhibited at the Smithsonian International Gallery, DOX Centre for Contemporary Art in Prague, and the Deutsche Hygiene Museum in Dresden and elsewhere in Australia, South Korea, USA and all over the UK.

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