Interview with That’s Life Writer, Mary Kinsella

July 2014

Jez Colborne was over visiting Galway again this July and had a jam-packed schedule of production meetings with Black Box and That’s Life and writing workshops with one of his Galway collaborators Mary Kinsella.

Mary Kinsella, That’s Life writer gives her thoughts on working with Jez and the Ignite project.

What is it like working with Jez?

It was absolutely fantastic!  It got me to write with another person…He could write music he could write songs…he made someone like me look at myself as a person in terms of disability…you don’t think about disability anymore…you think about the person inside….

What are you writing about?

I’m writing about Odysseus and Penelope through music.  I actually didn’t know what to write in the beginning so I decided to change the story into modern day…and when I realized what I had to do I started writing songs

Are you looking forward to the show at the Black Box in October?

I suppose I am really…I think I’m looking forward to getting up on stage and seeing what it’s like up there and looking forward to putting on my leather jacket and jeans!

What do you like most about working on the project?

Meeting people…working with people form other countries, showing other people what I can do, that sums it up!

What’s been your favourite thing you’ve done so far working on the project?

Going to Bradford being on stage in Bradford….when I arrived I wrote about something that had made me angry..and out of that came the song..THAT MAN! Seeing how that can happen…

What are some of the things you think audiences will enjoy about the performance at the end?

I think that it will be a good show…I think it is important to see people on stage as real actors…

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