Some quotes on Trickster

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‘Trickster is a step forward for disabled artists and I hope it will change the way people think about theatre. My  inspiration for Trickster came from a visit to Galway and Inis Oírr in January 2014. It felt like a deserted island and the weather was so wild we got stuck there for a few days. The experience sparked my imagination. The lighthouse inspired me and made me think of a Cyclops character. Galway City, the industry, the weather and being stranded all had a big influence on the development of the music.’
Jez Colborne, lead artist.

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‘That’s Life is certainly no stranger to challenges, but Trickster is by far the largest production we have ever grappled with. The process of developing the Mind the Gap/ That’s Life ensemble with Jez Colborne, through residencies in Galway and Bradford, has been an extraordinary adventure. Trickster: A story of twists and turns? Indeed, and of stretches and dreams of all kinds. There is no doubt that the Ignite legacy for That’s Life is a wide and wild open sea, but we are ready for it.’

Claude Madec, That’s Life.

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‘Trickster is a milestone for arts and disability in Galway and much further afield. Town Hall Theatre are particularly delighted to have been part of the That’s Life ‘extended family’ for many years and to have experienced the energy, creativity and innovation, which that team brings to their many projects across the city and county, including those presented at the Black Box. Trickster has brought together an extraordinary and unprecedented mix of ambition, talent and expertise of local emerging artists and the international experience of Mind the Gap and the wonderful Jez Colborne.’
Fergal McGrath, Town Hall Theatre.

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‘This important project celebrates innovative and imaginative art- making by people with disabilities. We are immensely luck to have the remarkable powerhouse of the Brothers of Charity. We congratulate all the artists involved in this awe-inspiring ensemble. Let the Trickery commence!’

James Harold, Galway City Arts Office.

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