Composed by Jez Colborne
Presented by Mind The Gap and That’s Life

Black Box Theatre, Galway
10th / 11th October 2015

Trickster (with Audio Description)

Some quotes on Trickster

trickster production-23
‘Trickster is a step forward for disabled artists and I hope it will change the way people think about theatre. My  inspiration for Trickster came from a visit to Galway and Inis Oírr in January 2014. It felt like a deserted island and the weather was so wild we got stuck there for a few days. The experience sparked my imagination. The lighthouse inspired me and made me think of a Cyclops character. Galway City, the industry, the weather and being stranded all had a big influence on the development of the music.’
Jez Colborne, lead artist.

trickster production-16
‘That’s Life is certainly no stranger to challenges, but Trickster is by far the largest production we have ever grappled with. The process of developing the Mind the Gap/ That’s Life ensemble with Jez Colborne, through residencies in Galway and Bradford, has been an extraordinary adventure. Trickster: A story of twists and turns? Indeed, and of stretches and dreams of all kinds. There is no doubt that the Ignite legacy for That’s Life is a wide and wild open sea, but we are ready for it.’

Claude Madec, That’s Life.

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‘Trickster is a milestone for arts and disability in Galway and much further afield. Town Hall Theatre are particularly delighted to have been part of the That’s Life ‘extended family’ for many years and to have experienced the energy, creativity and innovation, which that team brings to their many projects across the city and county, including those presented at the Black Box. Trickster has brought together an extraordinary and unprecedented mix of ambition, talent and expertise of local emerging artists and the international experience of Mind the Gap and the wonderful Jez Colborne.’
Fergal McGrath, Town Hall Theatre.

trickster production-10
‘This important project celebrates innovative and imaginative art- making by people with disabilities. We are immensely luck to have the remarkable powerhouse of the Brothers of Charity. We congratulate all the artists involved in this awe-inspiring ensemble. Let the Trickery commence!’

James Harold, Galway City Arts Office.

Trickster by Jez Colborne, Mind The Gap and That’s Life comes to Black Box Theatre Galway this October

Ignite Galway Trickster Poster


Black Box Theatre

Fri 10 & Sat 11 October 8pm

Tickets €12*/€10*

Be carried away on a wave of music and song as the Black Box booms with thunderous sounds made by instruments in disguise. Internationally renowned artist and composer, Jez Colborne, takes you on a journey to beat the Trickster and get back to the people who were left behind. A powerful soundscape that tells a tale of twists and turns. Be immersed in this awe-inspiring musical experience inspired by Jez’s fascination with all things industrial. Created in collaboration with talented performers of Galway working in partnership with That’s Life and Mind the Gap.

Trickster is an exciting music and theatre experience for all ages. It is performed promenade style, and the audience moves around during the show. When booking please tell the Box Office if you have any access requirements e.g. limited mobility or a sensory impairment.

“Everything about Galway inspires me – the port industry, the people, the weather. All these things have fuelled my passion to create a really unique music experience with the fantastic artists from That’s Life.”

- Jez Colborne, Composer

“Opportunities like the Ignite Commission are fundamentally important in shaping the international platform for artists with intellectual disabilities”

- Tim Wheeler, Mind the Gap

“An extraordinary opportunity for That’s Life emerging artists with intellectual disability. Our vibrant partnership is a hive of talented artists and creativity. Another mile stone for the disability arts in Galway – and beyond!”

- Claude Madec, That’s Life

IGNITE, a unique and innovative approach to commissioning and touring ambitious new work by artists with disabilities, is an initiative of The Arts Council, Arts & Disability Ireland (ADI), Galway City Council and Galway County Council, Cork City Council and Mayo County Council. For more visit

Interview with That’s Life Writer, Mary Kinsella

July 2014

Jez Colborne was over visiting Galway again this July and had a jam-packed schedule of production meetings with Black Box and That’s Life and writing workshops with one of his Galway collaborators Mary Kinsella.

Mary Kinsella, That’s Life writer gives her thoughts on working with Jez and the Ignite project.

What is it like working with Jez?

It was absolutely fantastic!  It got me to write with another person…He could write music he could write songs…he made someone like me look at myself as a person in terms of disability…you don’t think about disability anymore…you think about the person inside….

What are you writing about?

I’m writing about Odysseus and Penelope through music.  I actually didn’t know what to write in the beginning so I decided to change the story into modern day…and when I realized what I had to do I started writing songs

Are you looking forward to the show at the Black Box in October?

I suppose I am really…I think I’m looking forward to getting up on stage and seeing what it’s like up there and looking forward to putting on my leather jacket and jeans!

What do you like most about working on the project?

Meeting people…working with people form other countries, showing other people what I can do, that sums it up!

What’s been your favourite thing you’ve done so far working on the project?

Going to Bradford being on stage in Bradford….when I arrived I wrote about something that had made me angry..and out of that came the song..THAT MAN! Seeing how that can happen…

What are some of the things you think audiences will enjoy about the performance at the end?

I think that it will be a good show…I think it is important to see people on stage as real actors…

Jez Colborne and Mind The Gap in Galway

Ignite Galway Jez Colborn on Inisheer








February 2014

Jez Colborne and Mind The Gap spent a week in Galway getting to know their partners in That’s Life.

There were workshops, stormy trips to Inisheer and lots of creativity. Jez even got to meet the Mayor of Galway, Clr. Padraig Conneely!


Ignite Galway - Soundscape and Mayor of Galway

Ignite Galway - Jez Colborne and Mayor of Galway

Trickster In The Docks


Ignite Galway - Trickster in the Docks

December 2013

Musician Jez Colborne joined artists, musicians and performers with disabilities from That’s Life, to announce their Ignite commission “Trickster”, which will be performed in Galway next year.

Trickster is one of three commissions announced, representing the largest ever investment in Ireland’s arts and disability sector. These commissions, funded by the groundbreaking Ignite initiative, will generate Ireland’s most ambitious showcasing of talent from people with disabilities, and will involve both international and Irish artists and performers with disabilities.

This announcement coincides with the UN’s International Day of Persons with Disabilities on 3rd December, which this year aims to “Break barriers, open doors: for an inclusive society for all.”