Interview with That’s Life Writer, Mary Kinsella

July 2014

Jez Colborne was over visiting Galway again this July and had a jam-packed schedule of production meetings with Black Box and That’s Life and writing workshops with one of his Galway collaborators Mary Kinsella.

Mary Kinsella, That’s Life writer gives her thoughts on working with Jez and the Ignite project.

What is it like working with Jez?

It was absolutely fantastic!  It got me to write with another person…He could write music he could write songs…he made someone like me look at myself as a person in terms of disability…you don’t think about disability anymore…you think about the person inside….

What are you writing about?

I’m writing about Odysseus and Penelope through music.  I actually didn’t know what to write in the beginning so I decided to change the story into modern day…and when I realized what I had to do I started writing songs

Are you looking forward to the show at the Black Box in October?

I suppose I am really…I think I’m looking forward to getting up on stage and seeing what it’s like up there and looking forward to putting on my leather jacket and jeans!

What do you like most about working on the project?

Meeting people…working with people form other countries, showing other people what I can do, that sums it up!

What’s been your favourite thing you’ve done so far working on the project?

Going to Bradford being on stage in Bradford….when I arrived I wrote about something that had made me angry..and out of that came the song..THAT MAN! Seeing how that can happen…

What are some of the things you think audiences will enjoy about the performance at the end?

I think that it will be a good show…I think it is important to see people on stage as real actors…

Renowned International Artist, Simon Mckeown Presents a Spectacular Free Art Event

Simon McKeown Ignite Cork

Simon Mckeown, renowned international artist, along with Cork-based disability organisations Suisha Inclusive Arts at COPE Foundation and SoundOUT, will present a spectacular free live art event in 2015. Cork Ignite will showcase a dazzling mix of technologies. Simon has over 25 years of professional creative experience, and was awarded his own prestigious Cultural Olympiad/London 2012 Festival commission, a watershed moment for contemporary disability art. For Cork Ignite he is working with the National Sculpture Factory and Create.

Cork Ignite is commissioned by Cork City Council as part of Ignite.

Buster Keaton & Charlie Chaplin inspiring Aideen Barry & Ballina-based disability organisations to Dream Big for “Ignite” in Mayo

Mayo Ignite Daisy the Bright

July 2014

Irish visual artist Aideen Barry and Ballina-based disability organisations are working together to produce a stop motion animation film ‘Silent Moves’ inspired by the silent movies of the 1930s, melding together mime, music and movement with the latest animation techniques.

Their project is one of three “Ignite” commissions which represent the largest ever investment in Ireland’s arts and disability sector. The resulting film will be launched in the Ballina Arts Centre this autumn.

Work is well underway, with Aideen, known for her performance, film, sculpture, drawing, and installation work, working artists from the Western Care Ridgepool Training Centre and members of the Scannán Technologies group, along with dance artist and choreographer Emma O’Kane.

New technologies, including new green screen and advanced animation techniques, are being used to create the film, which is inspired by the silent movies of the 1930s, the era of Buster Keaton, Clara Bow and Charlie Chaplin.

The art work will be launched in Ballina Arts Centre on 28th November, 2014 at 8pm and will have a longer showing in the gallery space in 2015. The commission will also produce a high-quality accessible publication to accompany the art work.

Aideen says of the project, “Without the use of words or sounds, silent movies make us splutter with laughter, break our hearts, win them over again, and take use through a world of chaos to a moment of pure charm, without once uttering a word.

“The world IS silent for all of us. For we process each of our everyday experiences, our heartbreaks, our joys ultimately on our own, in our own silent world, in our minds.

“Our silent moving image works take as starting points what it is to be a person, what it feels to be in love, what it feels to be bashful, what it feels to be hurt and together through movement and gesture we have tried to encapsulate our experiences in front of the camera.”

Sean Walsh, Director of Ballina Arts Centre, says, “We’re absolutely delighted about the IGNITE! Mayo commission. For the past six years, Ballina Arts Centre has made a deliberate effort to push the agenda of disability arts. We are delighted to be working with Aideen Barry and Emma O’Kane on, what I feel, is a beautiful idea. Film, as an art form, offers huge potential. We’ve worked with the Ridgepool Training Centre and the Scannán Technologies groups for a good number of years now, and have completed very successful, ambitious projects with them both. This is the culmination of all that work and we’re all really looking forward to seeing the finished artwork.”

Silent Moves is commissioned by Mayo County Council Arts Office as part of Ignite and facilitated by the Ballina Arts Centre.

Filming on location

Ignite Mayo Hugo a Hero

July 2014

Aideen and the artists from Scannan Technologies and Ridgepool Western Care have been having great fun out on location shooting footage for Ignite Mayo Commission.  Playing with slapstick and what it feels like to be in love or be bashful, the actors have been creating some gorgeous material.  Filming continues until the end of July when everyone will take a well earned break for the month of August.

“It’s a Dream come true. I always wanted to be an actor”

Ignite Mayo - lady looking through hands

Ignite Mayo - four people plus shadows









March 2014

Irish visual artist Aideen Barry is working with artists from the Western Care Ridgepool Training Centre and Scannán Technologies group.  Working with choreographer and dancer, Emma O’Kane, Aideen and the group are busy creating a short film using new green screen and animation techniques, inspired by the silent movies of the 1930’s.

“It’s a dream come true. I always wanted to be an actor”. (Ignite project participant)

“I’m very proud to be taking part in the film”. ( Ignite project participant)

Jez Colborne and Mind The Gap in Galway

Ignite Galway Jez Colborn on Inisheer








February 2014

Jez Colborne and Mind The Gap spent a week in Galway getting to know their partners in That’s Life.

There were workshops, stormy trips to Inisheer and lots of creativity. Jez even got to meet the Mayor of Galway, Clr. Padraig Conneely!


Ignite Galway - Soundscape and Mayor of Galway

Ignite Galway - Jez Colborne and Mayor of Galway

Trickster In The Docks


Ignite Galway - Trickster in the Docks

December 2013

Musician Jez Colborne joined artists, musicians and performers with disabilities from That’s Life, to announce their Ignite commission “Trickster”, which will be performed in Galway next year.

Trickster is one of three commissions announced, representing the largest ever investment in Ireland’s arts and disability sector. These commissions, funded by the groundbreaking Ignite initiative, will generate Ireland’s most ambitious showcasing of talent from people with disabilities, and will involve both international and Irish artists and performers with disabilities.

This announcement coincides with the UN’s International Day of Persons with Disabilities on 3rd December, which this year aims to “Break barriers, open doors: for an inclusive society for all.”